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MBA Academic Requirements


 MBA (School of Management) of Taiwan Tech sets the final version of rules and regulations to assist master's and doctorate students.

The maximum study period for MBA is four (4) years. MBA degree will be awarded to the graduate students who will complete the required courses and abide by the academic regulations.

 After enrollment, based on the entrance exam result, university transcripts or other relevant documents, can apply for credits waiving. The credits waiving can be accepted after verification under following rules:
 a. The maximum number of credits which can be waived are half of graduation credits.
 b. The course name and the credits number which has been completed should be the same.
 c. The students must provide relevant proof.
 d. The credits can be applied for waiving only if the student has successfully completed
 the course and the number of the credits is not included in the undergraduate transcript.
 e. The student who has applied for credit waiving must attend the school for at least one year.

Domestic and International Internship
Students can do the domestic and international internship. Students will be able to understand real business situations from learning by doing, and to have better understanding of theory and practice.

Thesis and The regulation of Academic Research Ethics 

a. In order to complete master degree, a student should pass all mandatory courses and write a thesis. The thesis must be approved by examination committee.

b. The regulation of Academic Research Ethics course is formulated to make the students in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology have the correct ethics and follow the academic regulations during studying. This course is zero credit. The master and doctoral students in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology should complete this course before the end of the first year. Graduate students can apply for the examination of degree only after they pass the course.

These regulations have been approved by Graduate Institute of Management. 

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