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Student Council

NTUST iMBA Student Council

There is a gap that grows wider every year between progressive and quiescent behavior between the school and students. The iMBA Student Association is here to end that gap. It is an organization devoted to strengthening the iMBA community through service and activism, serving as a platform and facilitator between MBA department and the students.

Setup iMBA Student Association (As we have missed the official deadline, we will prepare necessary documents and have it formally setup by Spring 2013)

  • To set up a clear goal, position, value for NTUST iMBA program
  • Develop marketing plan for the purpose of promoting NTUST MBA program
  • To assist MBA office in administrative work and provide part time job salary, such as Website maintenance, etc
  • Leadership training — Help train incoming executives in order to ensure a smooth transition from the previous year. All year long, SA serves to help members to network with each other, coordinate activities, and help support each other
  • Establish iMBA alumni network
  • Activities:
    • Internal
    • External
    • Company Visits
    • Overseas Business Trip
    • Budgeting:
      • To understand the MBA department financial resources for past major events such as Welcome Party, Christmas Party, Farewell Party
      • Collect membership for the association
      • Raise sponsorship through activities and collaboration (Eg. EMBA)
      • Set aside some money for new activities that will be planned by the SA

At the end of the day, the Student Association (SA) is here to help promote student life through student organization and advocate on behalf of the students. Through partnership with the MBA department, the SA hopes to develop the courses together with MBA professors, Senior Manager, Businessmen from workplace, and current students to make the iMBA a useful and practical program.